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Concrete Restoration

Whether you Repair & Restore,
or Install New...  
we have the techniques to Level Out, Surface Prep,
Strengthen, and Beautify.

While concrete is usually considered a highly durable material, deterioration still occurs.  Repair techniques and materials allow reuse of existing structures through continued service, adaptive reuse, and extended useful life.

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Repair & Restoration

Concrete Restoration   Concrete restoration can include cleaning, recoloring, and resurfacing with concrete overlays. This is overall concrete repair. It is not uncommon for concrete structures to become damaged and develop cracks and gaps. These conditions are usually caused by weather and constant wear and tear. If allowed to continue unchecked, the concrete can become unstable.

Concrete Repair   The concrete repair of  structure entails the mending of cracks and structural deficiencies. This is typically done with epoxy injection grouts and carbon fiber reinforcement. High-tech polymer concrete patch materials allow for high-strength repairs.

Concrete Core Testing   This test attains and constricts a cylinder core of concrete to assess its compressive strength.  This is one of the fundamental properties used for quality control when assessing the in-situ strength of existing concrete.

Crack Injection   More often than not, a foundation crack will widen over time and result in water seepage or possibly the loss of structural integrity. Poured foundation cracks may be repaired by using low-pressure injection of an epoxy or polyurethane foam material.  For the repair of concrete floor cracks, certain epoxies and polyurea materials exist.

New Installation

Concrete Demo and Placement Champion Coatings can frame and pour a new slab, or demolish a worn-out existing slab and replace it with a new pour. We have the knowledge and equipment to cut, clear, and restructure custom projects through various methods.

Leveling & Surface Prep

Concrete Leveling   Champion Coatings can level existing floors that have settled or sunk and, in places where the concrete surface has deteriorated, we can resurface floors using a commercial grade resurfacing material that is able to withstand high traffic within 24 hours after application. We can also locate and fill voids underneath the concrete that will prevent more disruptive and costly future repairs necessitated by collapsed or broken concrete.

Concrete Grinding   Champion Coatings can remove the aggregate that causes uneven surfaces in concrete. This helps to eliminate trip hazards by either smoothing out or giving texture to the surface. This technique can also be used to remove surface stains, contaminants, and coatings.

Shotblasting   This technique is used to remove surface cream, contaminants, and coatings off the concrete, in preparation for the application of new surfaces and coatings. This texture creates a proper mechanical profile for other applied materials to bond to, as mandated by ASTM and ICRI.

Scarifying   This technique is used to remove the top layer of concrete as well as surface contaminants and coatings in preparation for the application of new surfaces and coatings. It also creates a rough mechanical profile for other applied materials to bond to, as mandated by ASTM and ICRI. The scarifier is therefore the best method to remove concrete fast and very aggressively.


Concrete Polishing   Champion Coatings can polish concrete floors, whether old or new, to a high-gloss finish that doesn’t require waxes or coatings. This is a high durability, easy-to-clean floor that brings out the inherent aesthetics in natural concrete without the use of topical coatings.

Stains and Dyes   Because stains accent the natural characteristics of concrete, they result in an organic look with a rich patina. They produce warm, variegated coloring effects that blend particularly well with Old World or Tuscan design schemes. Using concrete dyes along with chemical stains also allows a broader range of colors, such as yellows, reds, and blues, expanding the color palette. Dyes can also be used to fix problem areas where chemical stains haven’t taken. Because of the versatility of stains and dyes, any look imaginable is possible. They offer the high-end look of flooring materials such as marble or granite, with no limitations in color or finish effects.

Color Revitalization   Champion Coatings can refresh or change the existing color of your concrete. Whether wear and tear, stains, chemicals, or simply the weather has beaten up the surface, there are many methods to bring vibrancy back to the concrete. Stains, dyes, and colored concrete are simple, or if a new look is desired, grinding can expose raw concrete for new color or concrete overlay can be laid and treated.

Stamped Overlays   Stamping offers many more choices in design flexibility and creativity compared to conventional types of flooring. It is cost effective, low maintenance, and available in a variety of colors. Designed as a cover-up for existing concrete surfaces, it duplicates the look of natural stone, slate and granite in deep relief patterns, eliminating the need for complete concrete replacement.


Sealing   Protecting and properly maintaining concrete will keep it looking attractive for many years to come while extending its service life. Even if the surface begins to show wear after years of exposure to traffic and the environment, it can often be restored to its original beauty with special cleaning, stain removal, and polishing products before resealing.

Seismic and Structural Carbon Composite System   This system is used in the seismic retrofitting of structures with carbon fiber reinforced fabric and polymers. Concrete structures are exposed to severe environmental influences. Over time corrosion attacks rebar in the concrete and becomes a major problem for the serviceability of the structure.  Champion Coatings’ repair system helps deliver long-lasting concrete protection and increase the durability of concrete structures.


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