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Mitigate Moisture to Protect your Property through High-Performance

Champion Coatings installs high-performance systems that reduce the moisture coming through concrete.  Moisture is the leading cause of coating failures resulting in high dollar cost in damages, down-time and repairs.

Caulking & Sealants

Above-grade waterproofing with caulking and sealants is a structure’s first line of defense against the elements. Champion Coatings can seal cracks and joints in concrete with specifically selected durable caulking and sealant for the protection required to keep water out and avoid moisture issues.

Slip Resistant Coatings

Slip resistant coatings will improve safety and potentially limit liability. Any of our waterproofing poured systems can be finished with any degree of slip resistant texture.  The finish texture is achieved by using graded aggregates to create more surface area to the floor.  The amount of slip resistance is controlled by the size, shape, and spacing of these aggregates.

Traffic & Parking Decks

The parking deck is a commonly used application for waterproofing materials, but due to its high-traffic nature requires more than simple waterproofing. Parking decks utilize drivable, heavy-duty waterproof systems designed to stop water intrusion into the existing structure.  These systems are usually multiple layers that have exceptional mechanical strength and can handle flexibility and movements in substrate.


With waterproofing systems comes the question of where to divert the water so as not to create moisture buildup or erosion.  We assess and install drainage solutions for a full range of moisture re-directions.

Expansion Joints

Champion Coatings installs mechanical expansion joints. Expansion and control joints are incorporated into a structure to accommodate expansion and contraction forces. Because expansion joints are essential to a structure, restoring damaged, deteriorated, or improperly sealed joints is necessary to prevent expansion joint systems from failing and performing their intended purpose.

Podium/Planter Coating

These coatings form a membrane layer between bottom substrate and top finish material such as tile or stone.  An ideal system if an elastomeric membrane is not to be visible, but the substrate needs protection from any moisture that might seep in between the flooring materials.

Waterproofing is a key element in protecting your property investments. Moisture can be very harmful to the strength, durability, and longevity of structures due to the development of corrosion and cracking. When conditions require dry space or protection, a membrane or liquid coating can prevent moisture migration through concrete.

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